What Does BMS Mean In Texting | Explained

With the advent of technology, most people now use texting as a means of communication. Texting is a simple way of conveying messages without calling. People use different abbreviations and acronyms in texting, which sometimes can be confusing. One of the commonly used acronyms is BMS. You might have come across this acronym and wondered what BMS means. In this article, we will define BMS mean in texting and how it’s used.

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What Does BMS Mean In Text Talk

BMS is an acronym that stands for “Broke My Scale” in a text message. This acronym is often used when someone meets or surpasses their expectations. It can be in the form of an accomplishment. For instance, when someone loses weight and they have surpassed their target weight loss, they will use BMS to show that they exceeded their expectations. Therefore, the use of the term “scale” in BMS refers to a symbolic scale used to measure success.

What Does BMS Mean In Texting?

What Does ‘BMS’ Mean? | Acronyms

While the acronym BMS has been commonly used by many, it has also been used in parody. For instance, in the game version of Call of Duty, BMS is an acronym for “Battle Management System.” It is a system that provides players with various tools and options to manage their game modes to gain a competitive advantage. In this context, BMS is used to convey a strategic plan to win a game.

BMS Definition & Meaning

Besides, BMS has also been used in the music industry. In Hip Hop, BMS could mean “Bars, Music, and Soul,” which is a term used to describe a particular artist’s creativity, flow, delivery, and materials. In this context, BMS demonstrates an artist’s ability to bring rhyme, rhythm, and meaning to their music.

BMS is also widely used in the healthcare industry. Here, BMS means “Bristol Myers Squibb,” which is a pharmaceutical company that manufactures medicines. In this context, BMS is used to refer to any medication that the Bristol Myers Squibb company manufactures. Therefore, it’s essential to consider the context in which BMS is used to avoid confusion and misinterpretation.

Is BMS Used in Any Other Contexts Besides Texting?

Yes, BMS is also commonly used on social media platforms, especially Instagram. You’ll often see people using it as a hashtag to indicate that they look fantastic or “slay” their outfit or makeup.

What are Some Other Common Abbreviations Used in Texting?

Texting abbreviations can be tricky to decode, but once you learn what they mean, you’ll be texting like a pro. Here are some other commonly used abbreviations besides BMS:

LOL: laugh out loud

BRB: be right back

OMG: oh my god

TTYL: talk to you later

IDK: I don’t know

Is it Appropriate to Use Abbreviations in Formal Messages?

While abbreviations may be acceptable in casual conversations between friends and family, they’re not appropriate in formal situations such as business emails or job applications. Always be mindful of the context and the audience before using any slang or abbreviations.

What does BMS mean in slang?

BMS, in slang, stands for “Broke My Scale,” typically used to express something so impressive or exceptional that it exceeded one’s expectations or went beyond what they initially thought or measured.

What does BMS mean in slang?

What does BMS mean in Snapchat?

“BMS” on Snapchat commonly stands for “Break My Streak,” referring to maintaining a streak of consecutive days of exchanging messages or snaps with someone on the platform.

What Are Some Tips for Decoding Texting Abbreviations?

Decoding texting abbreviations can be overwhelming initially, but with time, you’ll get the hang of it. One great tip is to ask your friends or family members what they mean when you come across an abbreviation you don’t know. Another is to use a quick internet search engine to search for the meaning of the abbreviation.


In conclusion, it’s vital to understand the meaning of various abbreviations when texting to avoid misinterpreting the intended message. While some abbreviations, such as BMS, can be straightforward to understand, others might require some decoding. As we’ve seen, BMS stands for “Broke My Scale,” and it’s used to express a sense of wonder or disbelief. Use these tips to decode texting abbreviations and make communication easier and more fun!

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