What Is CCI CARE.COM Charge on Bank Statement | Explained

If you’ve found the enigmatic “CCI CARE.COM” charge on your bank statement, you’re not alone in seeking clarity. This article aims to unravel the mystery behind this charge, providing insights into its meaning, potential variations, and steps to prevent unauthorized occurrences.

What’s the “CCI*Care.com” Charge?

The “CCI*Care.com” charge is a recurring transaction that may appear on your bank statement, often leaving individuals perplexed. This charge is typically associated with services offered by Care.com, a trusted platform connecting families with caregivers. Whether it’s house cleaning, pet care, child care, or elder care, Care.com provides a range of assistance services.

The charge signifies a monthly subscription fee, the amount of which varies based on the specific plan or services you’ve enrolled in. The confusion arises when individuals either don’t recall subscribing to any service or are unaware of ongoing charges.

What is the Meaning of CCI Care?

The abbreviation “CCI” in CCI Care directly corresponds to Care.com. This online platform serves as a bridge between families seeking caregivers and individuals offering caregiving services. The CCI Care charge on your bank statement is essentially a subscription fee associated with the services you’ve availed through Care.com.

The platform is renowned for its comprehensive offerings, including child and senior care, pet care, tutoring, and housekeeping. Understanding the meaning of CCI in this context helps demystify the charge and clarifies its connection to the services provided by Care.com.

What Is the CCI CARE.COM Charge on Your Bank Statement?

What is CCI CARE.COM 877-227-3115 MA Charge?

The specific variation “CCI CARE.COM 877-227-3115 MA” in the charge description merits attention. This charge signifies a transaction linked to Care.com services, but the inclusion of numbers and “MA” suggests a specific billing structure or location. Decoding this variation requires further exploration of the transaction details, emphasizing the need to understand the components of the charge for accurate interpretation.

CCI Care Transaction on Your Bank Statement?

The CCI Care transaction on your bank statement may present itself in various ways. Entries like “CCICare.com,” “CCICare.com Monthly Fee,” or other similar variations indicate the charge’s presence. These descriptors provide insight into the specific transaction type, whether it’s a one-time fee, a monthly subscription, or an automated payment. Recognizing these variations on your bank statement is essential for identifying and understanding the nature of the CCI Care transaction.

What is CCI-CARE-COM-877-227-3115-MA? | A Scam Charge

The CCI-CARE-COM-877-227-3115-MA charge has triggered suspicions of being a scam, with a significant number of users expressing concern and labeling it as fraudulent. The charge, associated with a business rather than hackers, has garnered 105 out of 108 votes confirming it as a potential fraud. Originating from Palau, the charge has raised inquiries from 500 individuals seeking clarification.

While the scam has been reported in Suriname and Australia, varying fraud rates across credit card providers emphasize the need for users to be cautious. To address this concern, individuals are encouraged to seek assistance from official fraud prevention resources, contact credit card companies,

Why This “CCI CARE.COM 877-227-3115 MA” Charge Appears on Your Bank Statement?

Understanding the specific reasons behind the appearance of the “CCI CARE.COM 877-227-3115 MA” charge on your bank statement is crucial for clarity.

  • Subscription Renewals:

The “CCI CARE.COM 877-227-3115 MA” charge often appears due to Care.com’s automatic subscription renewals. Operating on a subscription model, Care.com seamlessly renews services at regular intervals, reflecting the routine billing cycle associated with this automated process. Such charges signify the uninterrupted continuation of subscribed services without the need for manual intervention, aligning with standard practices for subscription-based platforms like Care.com.

  • Usage of Care.com Services:

Legitimate appearances of the “CCI CARE.COM 877-227-3115 MA” charge could result from active utilization of Care.com services. If you are actively engaging in services such as child care, elder care, pet care, or housekeeping, the charge signifies payment for these ongoing services, providing a transparent correlation between usage and corresponding charges.

  • Billing Errors or Confusion:

Potential billing errors or confusion may contribute to the unexpected appearance of the “CCI CARE.COM 877-227-3115 MA” charge on your bank statement. Discrepancies in billing information or service details could lead to unexpected charges, warranting further investigation to ensure accurate and justified billing.

  • Verification of Legitimacy:

Verifying the legitimacy of the charge involves cross-referencing with your Care.com subscription details. Check if the charge aligns with your service usage and subscription terms, ensuring precision in the billed amount and service period. This step assures the authenticity of the charge on your bank statement.

  • Contacting Care.com for Clarification:

In case uncertainties persist, it is advisable to contact Care.com’s customer support. Customer support can offer insights into the specific reasons for the charge, verify subscription details, and provide clarification on any potential billing issues, ensuring a clear understanding of the circumstances surrounding the charge.

  • Reviewing Terms and Conditions:

A thorough review of the terms and conditions associated with your Care.com subscription is essential. Understanding the billing cycles, renewal processes, and any conditions that may lead to charges on your bank statement ensures informed awareness and aligns your expectations with the platform’s operational procedures.

  • Monitoring for Consistency:

Regularly monitoring subsequent bank statements is crucial to observe the consistency of the “CCI CARE.COM 877-227-3115 MA” charge. Consistent billing patterns provide reassurance regarding the legitimacy of the charge, while any unexpected changes may warrant additional attention, prompting further investigation into potential discrepancies.

Why This “CCI CARE.COM 877-227-3115 MA” Charge Appears on Your Bank Statement?

How CCI CARE.COM Charge Appear on the Bank Statement?

The CCI CARE.COM bank charge may manifest on your bank statement in diverse ways, each entry reflecting specific transaction details and recording methods by the bank. Here’s a concise summary with bullet points illustrating possible transaction entries:

  • CCI*Care.com
  • CCI*Care.com Monthly Fee
  • CCI*Care.com Subscription
  • CARE.COM Subscription
  • CARE.COM Monthly Charge
  • CCI – Care.com
  • CCI Care.com Services
  • CCI*Care.com Membership
  • CCI*Care.com Auto-Pay
  • CARE.COM Recurring Charge
  • CARE.COM 737-202-3114 MA
  • CCI*CARE.COM Waltham MA
  • CCI*Care.com 1-877-227-5115
  • CCI*Care.com Customer Support

Please note that these entries may slightly vary in phrasing, but they generally include “CCI,” “Care.com,” and additional details related to the specific transaction. If any of these entries appear on your bank statement and you’re uncertain about their origin, it’s crucial to investigate further by contacting the provided number or reaching out to your bank for clarification.


The CCI CARE.COM charge may appear on your bank statement in various ways, but here’s an example of how it could be displayed:

  • Transaction Entry: CCI*Care.com
  • Description: CCI Care.com Monthly Subscription
  • Amount: $19.99
  • Date: 01/15/2023
  • Transaction ID: 123456789

How to Prevent Unauthorized CCI CARE.COM Bank Charges

Preventing unauthorized CCI CARE.COM bank charges is paramount for maintaining financial security. This section offers practical steps to safeguard your accounts and avoid unexpected charges. From monitoring bank statements to verifying transactions and subscription details, these proactive measures empower you to take control of your financial well-being.

  1. Regularly Monitor Statements:
    • Consistently review your bank statements to promptly identify any unfamiliar or unauthorized charges.
    • Swift action can be taken to address discrepancies when identified during monthly reviews.
  2. Verify Transactions:
    • Double-check transaction details and subscription information associated with the CCI CARE.COM charge.
    • Ensuring recognition and understanding of services linked to the charge enhances transparency in financial transactions.
  3. Exercise Caution Online:
    • Be cautious when providing payment information online to prevent unintended enrollment in recurring payments.
    • Thoroughly read terms of service and billing information before signing up for any service to avoid potential pitfalls.
  4. Stay Informed About Subscriptions:
    • Proactively stay informed about subscription renewal dates to prevent unexpected charges.
    • Cancel unnecessary subscriptions before the next billing cycle, ensuring payment only for actively used services.
  5. Contact Care.com Support and Report to Bank:
    • Reach out to Care.com’s customer support if the CCI CARE.COM charge is unauthorized or raises concerns.
    • Open communication facilitates resolution, including verification of subscription details and assistance in canceling subscriptions.
    • Report any unauthorized charges promptly to your bank to initiate necessary actions, such as chargebacks or investigations, ensuring the security of your account.


In conclusion, the “CCI CARE.COM” charge on your bank statement is not merely a financial puzzle but a reflection of services availed through Care.com. Staying vigilant, informed, and proactive is key to managing your finances effectively and avoiding undesirable surprises.

By consistently monitoring bank statements, verifying transactions, and taking swift action, you can navigate unfamiliar charges and ensure your hard-earned money remains secure. The proactive steps outlined provide a comprehensive guide to financial well-being in the face of recurring transactions like the CCI CARE.COM charge.

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