How Do Unauthorized DoorDash Charges Show Up on Bank Statement?

Recently, concerns about unauthorized DoorDash charges appearing on bank statements have become increasingly prevalent. This article aims to shed light on the reasons behind these charges and how users can navigate them.

What is DoorDash?

DoorDash, a game-changer in the culinary landscape, has redefined the dining experience by creating a seamless platform for users to order food from their favorite local restaurants. Its extensive range spans from comforting classics to exotic cuisines, ensuring a diverse array of options.

DoorDash’s commitment to timely deliveries has made it the go-to choice for millions seeking convenience in their dining adventures. To facilitate transactions for the plethora of services offered, users commonly link their bank accounts or credit cards to their DoorDash accounts.

Why is there a DoorDash charge on my account?

Understanding the various legitimate DoorDash charges is crucial for users to distinguish between authorized transactions and potential anomalies. Legitimate charges encompass the costs of food orders, delivery fees, and subscription services such as DashPass.

For instance, if a user opts for express delivery when ordering a meal from a local restaurant through DoorDash, the corresponding charge on their bank statement is a legitimate DoorDash transaction. This is how Doordash would appear on a bank statement?

*D / 501311 CHK PREAUTH

FRANCISCO CA 00000001 501311


Suppose you ordered your favorite comfort food for a cozy night in through DoorDash, selecting express delivery for added convenience. The charge on your bank statement reflects the total cost of your meal, the delivery fee, and the additional charge for the express delivery service— all legitimate components of a DoorDash transaction.

How do Unauthorized DoorDash charges appear on your bank statement?

How Do Unauthorized DoorDash Charges Show Up on Your Bank Statement?

Unauthorized DoorDash charges may appear on your bank statement with descriptors that may not align with your usual transaction patterns. For instance, a fraudulent charge may show up as “DASH*1234” or a similar unfamiliar reference, deviating from the usual DoorDash transaction details you might expect, such as a specific restaurant name or recognizable order identifier.

It’s essential to scrutinize your bank statement regularly to catch any discrepancies in these transaction descriptions. If you spot ambiguous or unrecognized charges, it could be an indication of unauthorized DoorDash activity, prompting immediate action to safeguard your financial accounts.

Why do I keep getting charged for DoorDash pass?

DoorDash Pass, a subscription service designed to enhance the user experience, offers enticing benefits such as free deliveries and exclusive discounts. The recurring charges associated with DoorDash Pass are routine and signify the user’s continued access to these perks. Consider this example: A user subscribes to DashPass to enjoy unlimited free deliveries and a 5% discount on orders over $15. The recurring monthly charge reflects the ongoing subscription, providing continuous savings and convenience.

What if DoorDash charges are not mine?

Instances of unauthorized DoorDash charges require swift and careful investigation. Unfamiliar transactions or unexpected billing amounts should prompt immediate action. Examples of such unauthorized charges include duplicates for the same order, transactions from locations you’ve never visited, or charges for items you did not purchase.

How does this DoorDash scam work?

Understanding potential DoorDash scams is crucial for users to avoid falling victim to fraudulent activities. Scams may involve phishing attempts, fake orders, or unauthorized access to user accounts. For instance, a phishing email might mimic DoorDash communications, leading users to unwittingly provide sensitive information.


Consider receiving an email claiming to be from DoorDash, stating there’s an issue with your account that requires immediate attention. The email includes a link that, when clicked, takes you to a fake DoorDash login page. Unbeknownst to you, entering your credentials on this page provides sensitive information to scammers, facilitating unauthorized access to your DoorDash account.

How to Handle the Unknown DoorDash Charge?

Discovering an unfamiliar DoorDash charge on your bank statement can be unsettling, but a systematic approach can help resolve the issue efficiently.

Review DoorDash Order History:

  • Begin by meticulously reviewing your DoorDash order history for any discrepancies. Check each transaction against your memory and verify the details, such as order items, delivery location, and transaction amounts.
    For example, you might notice a charge for a high-value order from a city you’ve never visited. Upon investigation, you realize there’s no corresponding order in your DoorDash history, indicating a potential unauthorized charge.

Contact DoorDash Support:

  • If you identify unauthorized charges, contact DoorDash support immediately. Provide them with specific details, such as order numbers, transaction dates, and amounts. Explain the situation clearly and request their assistance in resolving the issue.
    In the instance of the high-value charge, you would reach out to DoorDash support, describing the discrepancy and seeking clarification on the transaction.

Inform Your Bank:

  • Simultaneously, report the unauthorized charge to your bank. Provide them with the same specific details you shared with DoorDash support. This step is crucial for initiating the dispute process and securing the necessary assistance from your financial institution.
    When informing your bank, you would share details like the order number, transaction date, and the amount of the unauthorized charge, reinforcing your dispute case.
How to Handle the Unknown DoorDash Charge?

Taking swift action and providing detailed information to both DoorDash support and your bank is crucial in resolving the issue promptly and securing a refund for unauthorized charges.

How to Dispute the Unauthorized DoorDash Charge

Disputing unauthorized charges with your bank is a meticulous process that requires gathering compelling evidence to support your claim.

Capture Screenshots:

  • Take screenshots of your DoorDash order history, highlighting the unauthorized transaction. Include details such as the order number, transaction date, and the amount charged. These screenshots serve as critical evidence when presenting your case.
    For example, capturing a screenshot that clearly shows the unauthorized transaction, including relevant details, enhances the strength of your dispute claim.

Document Communication with DoorDash Support:

  • Maintain a record of any communication with DoorDash support regarding the unauthorized charge. Document the steps you’ve taken to resolve the issue directly with DoorDash, as this information provides context and strengthens your dispute case.
    Keeping a log of your communication ensures that you can provide a clear and concise explanation of your efforts to resolve the issue with DoorDash.

Present a Clear Explanation:

  • When filing a dispute with your bank, present a clear and concise explanation of the discrepancy. Include the captured screenshots and documentation of your communication with DoorDash support. This comprehensive evidence significantly improves the chances of a successful dispute resolution.
    By providing a detailed account, including evidence of your attempts to resolve the issue with DoorDash, you increase the likelihood of a favorable outcome in the dispute process.

Ensuring you have a well-documented case with screenshots and clear communication records is crucial when disputing unauthorized DoorDash charges with your bank.

Tips to Avoid Unauthorized DoorDash Charges

Preventing unauthorized DoorDash charges is crucial to avoiding the hassles associated with potential financial discrepancies.

Regularly Monitor Bank Statements:

  • Set aside dedicated time at regular intervals to review your bank statements. Scrutinize each transaction for any unfamiliar or unauthorized charges, ensuring prompt detection.
    Regular monitoring helps you identify potential issues early, allowing for swift action before unauthorized charges escalate.

Update DoorDash Account Password:

  • Periodically update your DoorDash account password. Use a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols to create a robust password that enhances the security of your account.
    For example, changing your password every few months and using a combination of characters makes it more challenging for unauthorized users to gain access to your DoorDash account.

Enable Two-Factor Authentication:

  • Take advantage of DoorDash’s two-factor authentication feature. This additional layer of security requires a verification code, even if someone gains access to your password.
    By enabling two-factor authentication, even if someone manages to obtain your password, they would still need an additional verification code to access your DoorDash account. This added security measure significantly reduces the risk of unauthorized transactions.


In the realm of DoorDash transactions, awareness and vigilance are key. From leveraging DashPass benefits to swiftly addressing unauthorized charges, users can enhance their DoorDash experience. Proactive measures, including regular monitoring and two-factor authentication, contribute to a secure environment. By staying informed and taking prompt action, DoorDash users can savor their culinary journeys with confidence, knowing they have the tools to navigate any potential challenges.

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