What Is the CSC ServiceWorks Charge On Your Bank Statement?

In the world of modern banking, it’s not uncommon to come across perplexing charges on your statement, leaving you scratching your head and asking, “What is this?” One such mystery that many individuals encounter is the CSC ServiceWorks charge. If you’ve found yourself in this situation, fret not we’re here to unravel the mystery and provide you with the insights you need to understand and manage these charges effectively.

What is CSC ServiceWorks?

CSC Service Works is more than just a name on your bank statement; it’s a company that specializes in providing vending-style services across various sectors. The laundry and air vending machines operated by CSC Service Works can be found in a multitude of locations, including petrol stations, hotels, resorts, laundromats, colleges, and universities. With a significant presence in the U.S., Canada, and Europe, CSC ServiceWorks boasts over a million machines in operation.

What Is CSC ServiceWorks Charge?

If you’ve recently used any of the services provided by CSC ServiceWorks, you might see corresponding charges on your bank or credit card statement. These charges can appear under different names, such as “CSC Service Works,” “usa*csc tep co,” or “pos csc tep co,” accompanied by a specific amount and a brief description of the service rendered.

What is  CSC ServiceWorks Charge on Your Bank Statement

It’s crucial to differentiate CSC Service Works from the Card Security Code (CSC) found on your credit or debit card. While the latter is a security feature, the former is a service provider offering specific amenities.

Behind the Scenes: Ownership of CSC Service Works

To shed more light on the company, CSC Service Works is currently owned by Pamplona Capital Management, an investment firm with a focus on laundry-related ventures. The formation of CSC Service Works resulted from the merger of a laundry service brand with another company, providing a glimpse into the company’s evolution.

Types of Charges and Their Appearances

CSC Service Works charges can be categorized into one-time and recurring charges. One-time charges typically involve individual services like tire inflation at petrol stations or a single use of a laundry machine. In contrast, recurring charges may arise if you’re subscribed to a service, such as a laundry subscription in a residential building.

These charges may manifest on your statement with varying codes, such as “CSC ServiceWorks,” “CHKCARDUsacsc servicework,” “POS Debit Usacsc servicework,” or “PRE-AUTH Usa*csc servicework.”

Common Scenarios Leading to CSC Service Works Charges

Understanding why you might see a CSC Service Works charge involves recognizing the services you’ve used:

  • Laundry Services: Charges may result from using laundry machines in residential buildings, universities, or laundromats.
  • Air Vending: If you’ve used CSC Service Works air vending machines at petrol stations, inflating your car tires could result in a charge.
  • Other Vending-Style Machines: CSC Service Works offers various vending machines, such as water dispensers or vacuum services at car washes. Using these services will reflect on your bank statement.
What Is the CSC ServiceWorks Charge On Your Bank Statement?

What to Do If You Don’t Recognize the Charge

Encountered a CSC Service Works charge that seems unfamiliar? Follow these steps:

  • Verify the Charge: Check your transaction history, ensuring the charge amount and date align with your activities.
  • Contact CSC ServiceWorks: Reach out to CSC Service Works via email (customerservice@cscsw.com) or phone (1 (877) 264-6622) for clarification or to dispute the charge.
  • Contact Your Bank: If needed, contact your bank or credit card company to dispute the charge.

Feedback and Experiences: Learning from Others

The CSC Service Works charge has generated various reactions and misconceptions among users. Some have reported unexpected amounts, multiple charges, or unrecognizable charges, leading to concerns about potential fraud.

Understanding others’ experiences is crucial. For instance, discrepancies between stated and charged amounts have led to confusion and disputes. Therefore, learning from these stories can help you navigate potential pitfalls.

Preventing Unwanted Charges

Preventing unwanted CSC ServiceWorks charges involves a combination of awareness and proactive checking. Here are some tips:

  • Read Machine Instructions: Always read the instructions and pricing information on CSC ServiceWorks machines before using them.
  • Check for Recurring Charges: If subscribed to a service, be aware of any recurring charges and know how to cancel them if needed.
  • Use Trusted Machines: Stick to CSC ServiceWorks machines in reputable locations like established petrol stations or known laundromats.
  • Monitor Your Statements: Regularly check your bank or credit card statements to catch any charges you don’t recognize.


Understanding CSC ServiceWorks charges on your bank statement is crucial for financial awareness and effective spending control. By following these guidelines and staying informed, you can navigate the mysteries of CSC ServiceWorks charges with confidence. Ensure the accuracy and security of your financial transactions, turning this banking mystery into a manageable aspect of your financial journey.

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What is Csc Servicework Charge On Credit Card?

The CSC ServiceWorks charge on your credit card is likely for vending-style services such as laundry or air vending. Monitor your statements, verify charges, and contact CSC ServiceWorks for clarification if needed.

How do I get my money back from CSC service?

To initiate a refund process with CSC Service Works, start by reaching out to their customer support. It’s essential to report the issue you’ve encountered, and the dedicated support team will carefully assess the situation. If the circumstances align, they will then proceed with the necessary steps to facilitate a refund for you.

How does CSC referral work?

CSC ServiceWorks referral program details may vary. Typically, refer friends using your unique link. When they use CSC services, both you and your friend may receive benefits, such as discounts or credits.

CSC SERVICE WORK charge on credit card – Is it Legit?

Yes, the CSC ServiceWorks charge on your credit card is likely legitimate if you’ve used their vending-style services like laundry or air vending. Verify transactions and contact CSC ServiceWorks for clarification if needed.

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